Striping Plan Document

Neighborhood Parking Solutions Near American Academy

July 22, 2022 at 2:14 pm

In response to resident concerns related to drop-off and pick-up traffic from American Academy, the City of Castle Pines developed a plan to address the neighborhood congestion in cooperation with the members of HOA 1, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, and American Academy staff. This plan includes striping and signage to help alleviate neighborhood concerns.

The City aims to address three critical issues concerning the increased traffic in the area:

  • Current drop-offs and pick-ups occurring in the neighborhood;
  • Providing additional locations outside the neighborhood for drop-offs and pick-ups; and
  • Concern for unsafe crossing of Monarch Boulevard outside of the designated crosswalks.

To help address these concerns, signage will be installed to discourage school drop-offs and pick-ups in the neighborhoods surrounding the school. New signage and a revised street striping plan will also increase the approved areas on Monarch Boulevard to allow for drop-off and pick-up during specific times. This will include parking prohibitions on the south/west side of Monarch and no-Turn signage.

The location identification of existing utilities for the installation of the new signage has started with sign installation expected to begin the week of July 25. New striping will be completed the following week.

For information on the signage, please review the Neighborhood Striping Plan and the Monarch Boulevard Striping and Signage Plan documents. Please note that the locations of the new poles listed on the attached plans may need slight modification based on the exact locations of existing utilities.