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COVID-19 Restrictions Update for Businesses

On April 16, 2021 a new Public Health Order from the State went into effect. Here’s what Castle Pines businesses need to know:

  • Employees and patrons must wear masks indoors in a public place when entering or moving about the facility.
  • The requirement for 6 ft. social distancing has been eliminated.
  • There are no capacity restrictions.
  • There is no requirement for symptom screening.
  • There are no requirements for sanitizing activities, however employers are strongly encouraged to follow best practices for disease mitigation.
  • Businesses within Douglas County are subject to these State orders (Douglas County cannot opt-out of state Public Health Orders).
  • Businesses can choose to be more restrictive if they choose. Posting those restrictions will be helpful to patrons.

What does all this mean for the County’s COVID Best Practices Business Certification Program?  Effective immediately the program will be put into a dormant status just in case it is needed in the future.

What is expected of you while the program is dormant?

  • Please remove your Certification Certificate
  • You are free to remove any signage associated with the program
  • You can choose to stop implementing all program standards (you will only be required to implement State directed controls)

What would it look like if the program was activated again?

  • You will be notified via email
  • You would be provided the checklist with all program standards you would be required to meet
  • You would be asked that you confirm via email that you are willing and able to meet all program standards
  • You would then be able to resume operating as a Certified Business
  • No inspection would be required

For more details on the new Public Health Order visit:

Apply for COVID Best Practices Variance Certification

Douglas County is offering Castle Pines businesses an opportunity to participate in the Best Practices Variance program. The program encourages businesses to implement safety measures beyond what is already required by public health orders and guidelines that will help slow the spread of COVID-19. In doing so, businesses will be able to accelerate reopening. Castle Pines business can apply now online!

Apply Now

Castle Pines Shopping Center

Douglas County was among the first to submit the required application and letters of support to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) seeking a variance allowing increased occupancy in local businesses – including restaurants. The state program, administered at the County level, is open to all eligible businesses in Douglas County.

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City Awards nearly $350,000 to Local Businesses at a Critical Time

Mayor Radloff and the Castle Pines City Council issued grants to 21 businesses totaling over $345,000 to assist them in staying afloat during this critical holiday revenue period. Most businesses receive a significant portion of their annual revenue during this time.

“Our businesses responded early in the pandemic to allow customers a safe experience and have demonstrated incredible resiliency since March,” said Mayor Radloff. “These grants are just a part of the success of our business’s ability to survive. The Council and I are grateful for the community’s loyal and continued support of our local businesses.”

“Thank goodness for our local Castle Pines businesses! Without their tireless determination to remain open, serve their customers safely, and continued effort to employ their staffs, 2020 would have been much darker for our residents,” said Castle Pines City Councilmember Roger Hudson. “While these small business grants won’t make up for the financial hardships these businesses suffered in 2020, we hope that they will assist in a strong recovery in 2021.”

The deadline for application was December 29, and notification of awards were sent out later that evening.

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State Guidelines for Businesses

Colorado’s COVID-19 dial framework aims to protect all businesses, essential and non-essential, from outbreaks and potential shutdowns. These guidelines and tools are meant to ensure that businesses can stay open to the greatest extent possible according to their county’s dial level while also protecting customers and employees from COVID-19.


View the full Safer at Home guidance