City launches Community Dashboard to track progress of City Council priorities

January 24, 2023 at 8:43 am

The City's Strategic Plan is a working, living document that reflects the policy direction of the Castle Pines City Council and guides City staff's efforts to ensure progress and measurable results. The City of Castle Pines is an organization with a strong commitment to transparency. In recognition of this commitment, a Community Dashboard was developed to track the advancement of City Council priorities.

Each year, City Council holds a retreat to conduct a strategic planning process. The City Council retreat results in Strategic Goals, Key Focus Areas, and additional policy direction to guide staff in day-to-day operations. This guides the development of the City's Strategic Plan. To help execute the Strategic Plan, outcomes and dashboard metrics are created.

The Community Dashboard evaluates progress on the most important City projects. Five dashboard indicators were created to communicate the progress of these projects. Within each dashboard, two to five related data sets demonstrate the progress of the various projects.

View the Community Dashboard