Goats grazing on vegetation

City of Castle Pines Partners with South Metro Fire Rescue to Bring Goats in for Wildfire Mitigation

June 7, 2022 at 2:15 pm

The City of Castle Pines is partnering with South Metro Fire Rescue, Goats On The Go - Denver South, and local HOAs to graze vegetation in open space areas to help reduce wildfire risk throughout the Castle Pines community. Castle Pines first used goats as a part of wildfire mitigation efforts in 2015.

When will the goats be in Castle Pines?

Goats are expected to arrive and begin grazing during the week of June 13. The goats will be moved by the contractor, Goats On The Go - Denver South, to identified areas throughout the following weeks. It will take a few weeks for all identified areas to be addressed.

What areas have been identified for goat grazing?

The City and South Metro Fire Rescue identified several priority areas around the City for goat grazing this summer. The City is working with Castle Pines North HOA #1, HOA 2, and Glen Oaks HOA to use the goats to mitigate risks in areas around these HOAs. Individual HOAs will communicate with their residents on the specific timing of the goat grazing.

Why is the City using goats?

According to South Metro Fire Rescue, goats can be more effective than tractor-mounted grinders, chemicals, or chainsaws for long-term mitigation efforts. Goats can remove leaves from lower branches (ladder fuels) to prevent wildfire from growing into canopies, eliminate weeds because their stomachs can neutralize seeds, and fertilize soil with their urine and feces.

Where can I find additional information?

Additional information on the goat grazing effort can be found on this factsheet. Please contact the City with questions.