2011 Ordinances

11-11 Amending the City's Zoning Ordinance to Implement the 2010 Voter Approved Ban on Medial Marijuana Businesses or Operations Within the City and to Regulate the Manner in which Medical Marijuana is Cultivated, Produced, Possessed or Processed within a Primary Residence by a Patient or a Primary Care-giver

11-10 Imposing Requirements Relating to the Establishment and Ongoing Operations of Special Districts within the City

11-09 Creating the City of Castle Pines Water and Wastewater Board, Setting Forth the Eligibility Requirements and Terms of Office for Members of the Board and Delegating Certain Responsibilities Thereto

11-08 Adopting by Reference the National Electrical Code as Adopted by the State of Colorado

11-07 Adopting by Reference Douglas County Resolutions R-998-100 and R-999-177 for the Control and Licensing of Dogs and Pet Animals, and Prescribing the Penalties for Violations Thereof.

11-06 Enacting the Regulations for the use of City Parks and Penalties for Violations

11-05 Approving a Long Term Lease with CPN Investments, LLC for Municipal Purposes and Declaring an Emergency

11-04 Adopting by Reference the Douglas County Alarm Ordinance for the Regulation and Licensing of Alarm Systems in the City, for the Registration and Licensing of Alarm Installation Companies and/or Monitoring Companies, and for Operational Standards for Alarm Systems; and Prescribing the Penalties for Violations Thereof

11-03 Adopting a Code of Ethics

11-02 Regulating Vehicles, Traffic and Obstructions within the City Rights-of-Way and Public Property and Amending Ordinance 09-02 by which the City Adopted the 2003 Model Traffic Code with Amendments

11-01 Establishing the Position and Duties of City Manager