2017 Resolutions

17-31 Audit Services Haynie & Company

17-30 Awarding Annual Roadway Maint Contracts to Designscapes

17-30 2018 Roadway Maint Services

17-29 Certifying Mill Levy

17-28 Adopting 2018 Budget and Appropriating Funds

17-27 Lagae Ranch Filing 1, 2nd Amend, Case SB17-002

17-26 Vacancy City Council Ward 1

17-25 Extension W.L. Contractors, Inc for Traffic Signal Maint

17-24 Contract Extension Perfect Pools, LLC

17-23 PSA Wright Water Engineers, Inc for Stormwater MS4 Comp Services

17-22 Extension to PSA with Bohannan Huston, Inc On-Call Engineering

17-21 PSA with Logan Simpson Design, Inc to Prepared Design Guidelines

17-20 Appointing Member to Planning Commission

17-19 Approving The Canyons Prelim Plan No1, Case PP17-001

17-18 PSA Colorado Designscapes Snow and Ice Removal Services

17-17 IGA Canyons Metro 7 for Flood Control Improvements The Canyons


17-15 Accepting Resignation and Declaring Vacancy Ward 3

17-14 IGA DougCo Coordinated Election 11-07-2017

17-13 MOU Centennial Airport Community Roundtable

17-12 IGA with Urban Drainage Flood Control Improvements The Canyons

17-11 Lagae Ranch Filing #1, 1st Amend SB16-002

17-10 PSA Wright Water Engineers Storm Sewer Compliance

17-09 2017 Pavement Rehab Street Improvement

17-08 Approval of PSA with SAFEbuilt

17-07 MOU with CPNMD Regarding Dorset Court Improvements

17-06 IGA with DougCo Lagae Road Improvement Project

17-05 DRCOG Membership

17-04 Approving Temporary Roadway Easement Agreement

17-03 Approving PSA with CH2M Hill Engineers

17-02 Appointing Members to the Planning Commission

17-01 Designating Location for Posting