2019 Resolutions

19-35 Approval of IGA with Urban Drainage and Flood Control District for Drainage and Flood Control improvements for The Canyons

19-34 Appointing Members to the Planning Commission

19-33 In support of a Single Unique Zip Code for the City of Castle Pines

19-32 Amending the Castle Pines Fee Schedule

19-31 Mill Levy

19-30 Adoption of the 2020 Budget

19-29 Approving 2nd Amendment to Amended and Restated Service Plan for The Canyons Metro #3 and Consolidated Service Plan for The Canyons Metro #4-7

19-28 Ratifying PC resolution and modifying the Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan

19-27  Approving The Canyons Filing No. 1, 4th Amendment Final Plat, Case No. FIP19-001

19-26  Authorizing Participation in the Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust

19-25  Acceptance of Concept Design for Branding, Gateway Entrance Signage, and Wayfinding Signage

19-24 Approval of Snow and Ice Removal Services contract

19-23 Recommending an appointment to the Douglas County Open Space Advisory Committee

19-22 Approving the 2020 Economic Action Plan

19-20 Awarding a bid for the 2019 Pavement Rehabilitation - Street Improvement Project; Project No. 2019-PW-001

19-17 Supporting and urging a "YES" vote at the May 14, 2019 special election for the Castle Pines Home Rule Charter

19-16 Authorizing the acquisition of certain interests in real property through eminent domain proceedings for the Castle Pines Parkway and Lagae Road intersection improvements projects and delegating authority to the City Manager to accept deeds or easements for such property interests on behalf of the city

19-15 Accepting bargain and sale deeds for the conveyance of open space, trails, drainage, and utility tracts in Lagae Ranch

19-14 Approving IGA concerning participation and funding of the Douglas County Youth Initiative Program

19-13 Approving the Canyons filing no. 1, 2nd Amendment final plat; Case No. FP 18-007

19-12 Approving 2017 Parks and Recreation comprehensive plan

19-09 Submitting the Proposed Home Rule Charter to the Registered Electors of the City at a special election to be held on May 14, 2019 and setting the ballot title

19-08 Approving the Berkely Homes Filing No. 1 Final Plat Case No. FP 18-0005.

19-07 Approving the Berkeley Homes Filing No. 1 Preliminary Plan; Case No. PP18-001.

19-05 Appointing Regular Members to the Combined Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of Adjustment to Fill Vacancies.

19-04 The Canyons Filing No. 1,3rd Amendment Final Plat; Case No. FP 18-006.

19-03 Service Contracts: Authorizing the City Manager to execute certain service agreements and professional services agreements for the 2019 calendar year, including service agreements require for the City's 2019 roadway maintenance services programs and agreements require to secure on-call engineering services, splash pad maintenance services, traffic signal maintenance services and MS4 permit and stormwater compliance services

19-02 Bank Signatories: Designating authorized signatories on the City's bank accounts.

19-01 Posting of Public Notices: Designating locations for the posting of public notices.