2020 Ordinances

Ordinance 19-19, Amending Article 5 of Chapter 11 Regarding City Parks and Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages in City Parks

Ordinance 19-20, Amending Articles 1 and 2 of Chapter 4 Regarding Financial Matters

Ordinance 20-01, Approving Castle Pines Town Center Planned Development Plan, 3rd Amendment, Case PDM19-002 and Amending Official Zoning Map

Ordinance 20-02: FAILED

Ordinance 20-03, Council Stipend

Ordinance 20-04, Use of Electronic Signatures

Ordinance 20-05, Sage Village Rezoning, Case No. RZN20-001

Ordinance 20-06, Emergency Ordinance Authorizing Sale and Transfer City's Interest Tract 1, Castle Pines Town Center Filing 2