2021 Ordinances

Ordinance 21-01, Repealing Article 1 of Chapter 7 of the Castle Pines Municipal Code concerning Douglas County Health and Safety Codes.

Ordinance 21-02, Amending Article 1 of Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code to Establish an Administrative Procedure to Address Municipal Campaign Finance Complaints and Alleged Violations.

Ordinance 21-03, Amending Section 2-10-30 of the Municipal Code Concerning Members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Ordinance 21-04, Repealing And Replacing Chapter 7 Of The Castle Pines Municipal Code Concerning Health And Safety Regulations.

Ordinance 21-05, Adding A New Chapter 9 To The Castle Pines Municipal Code Concerning Animal Control Regulations.

Ordinance 21-06, Repealing And Re-Enacting Article I Of Chapter 8 Of The Municipal Code Entitled Model Traffic Code Concerning Vehicles And Traffic, Adopting By Reference The 2020 Edition Of The Model Traffic Code For Colorado, With Certain Amendments, And Adopting Penalties For Violations Thereof.

Ordinance 21-07, Approving The Canyons Planned Development Plan, Third Amendment, Case No. RPDA21-001, And Amending The Offical Zoning Map.

Ordinance 21-08, Repealing Subsection 2602, Subsection 3301, and Subsection 3303.01 Of The City Of Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance, And Amending Articles 6 And 7 Of Chapter 2 Of The Castle Pines Municipal Code, Concerning The Powers And Procedures Of The Board Of Adjustment And Planning Commission

Ordinance 21-09, Authorizing the Acquisition of Certain Interests In Real Property Through Negotiations And/Or Eminent Domain Proceedings, If Necessary, For Open Space, Drainage, Utility, And Trail Purposes.

Ordinance 21-10, Authorizing the Sale and Transfer of The City's Interest in Property Known as Tract E, Charter Oaks.