2021 Resolutions

Resolution 21-01, Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement between the City and Douglas County concerning law enforcement and animal control services for 2021

Resolution 21-02, Approving the Canyons Filling No. 1, 7th Amendment Final Plat, Case No. SRP-002-2020

Resolution 21-03, Approving the Castle Pines Parkway, I-25 to Lagae Road Landscape Plan

Resolution 21-04, Approving a Professional Services Agreement between the City and Ulteig Engineers, Inc.

Resolution 21-05, Approving a Professional Services Agreement between the City and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Resolution 21-06, Approving the Canyonside Preliminary Plan No. 1, Case No. SPP2020-001

Resolution 21-07, Appointing Regular Members to the combined Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of Adjustments to fill vacancies

Resolution 21-08,Approving the Canyonside Subdivision Filling No. 1, Case No. FPL-2020-001

Resolution 21-09,  Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Lumin8 Transportation Technologies, LLC for the Traffic and Pedestrian Signal Maintenance.

Resolution 21-10, Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Wright Water Engineers, Inc. for Engineering Services relating to MS4 Permit and Stormwater Compliance

Resolution 21-11, Adopting Castle Pines City Council 2021 Priorities

Resolution 21-12, Designating the Turf Field as a Prohibited Area for Dogs at Elk Ridge Park

Resolution 21-13, Amending the Fees for Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control Permits

Resolution 21-14, Approving the Canyons Preliminary Plan No. 2, Case No. SPP2020-002

Resolution 21-15, Approving a Professional Services Agreement with SAFEBuilt Colorado, LLC for Building Official and Inspection Services

Resolution 21-16, Approving a Non-Exclusive Public Utility Easement Agreement with Public Service Company of Colorado

Resolution 21-17, Amending the 2020 Budget and Approving a Supplemental Appropriation, in the Amounts and for the Purposes as Set Forth Below, for the 2020 Budget Year.

Resolution 21-18, In Support of the City of Boulder, Colorado's Laws Enforcement Community, The Employees of King Soopers, and the Victims and Families of Monday's Tragic Shooting.

Resolution 21-19, Opposing Proposed Senate Bill 2021-062.

Resolution 21-20, Approving the City Council Appointees to Various Committees and Boards for 2021.

Resolution 21-21, Awarding a Bid for the 2021 Castle Pines Parkway Reconstruction, Monarch Boulevard to Yorkshire Drive Project (Project No. 2021-PW-001).

Resolution 21-22, Approving the Second Amended and Restated Service Plan for the Canyons Metropolitan District No. 3.

Resolution 21-23, Acknowledging the Valuable Contributions of Michael Penny to the City of Castle Pines.

Resolution 21-24, Appointing a Member to the Castle Pines Park and Recreation Advisory Board to Full a Vacancy.

Resolution 21-25, Removing a Member to the Castle Pines Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Resolution 21-26, Appointing a Member to the Castle Pines Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to Fill a Vacancy.

Resolution 21-27, Approving the Canyonside Subdivision Filing No.1, Amendment No. 1 Replat, Case No. SRP2021-002.

Resolution 21-28, Approving the Canyons Superblock Plat No. 2, Amendment No. 1, Case No. PFP2021-001.

Resolution 21-29, Terminating the City of Castle Pines Declaration of Emergency Related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Resolution 21-30, Approving a Lease with PT Village Square, LLC for Municipal Purposes.

Resolution 21-31, Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the City and Castle Pines North Metropolitan District Concerning Joint Participation in Castle Pines Parkway Reconstruction Project.

Resolution 21-32, Ratifying and Approving the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update.

Resolution 21-33, Amending City Council Procedures and Rules of Order.

Resolution 21-34, Amending The 2021 Annual Budget And Approving A Supplemental Appropriation, In the Amounts And For The Purpose As Set Forth Below, For The 2021 Budget Year

Resolution 21-35, Failed

Resolution 21-36, Approving A Memorandum of Understanding Regarding DAWG Nation Recreational Facility Between The City And DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation

Resolution 21-37, Adopting A Remote Participation and Remote Meeting Policy and Repealing Resolution No. 20-09

Resolution 21-38, Approving A Space Rental And Use Agreement With SAFEbuilt Colorado, LLC For A Portion Of The City Of Castle Pines City Offices

Resolution 21-39, Approving An Intergovernmental Agreement Between The Douglas County Clerk And Recorder And The City Of Castle Pines Regarding The Conduct Of A Coordinated Election To Be Held On November 2, 2021

Resolution 21-40, Approving Change Order No. 1 To The Professional Services Agreement Between The City And Colorado Designscapes, Inc. D/B/A Designscapes Colorado, Inc.

Resolution 21-41, Approving The Third Amendment To Amended And Restated Service Plan For The Canyons Metropolitan District No. 4

Resolution 21-42, Appointing A Regular Member To The Combined Planning And Zoning Commission/Board Of Adjustment To Fill A Vacancy

Resolution 21-43, Approving An Amended And Restated Employment Agreement With Michael Penny

Resolution 21-44, Approving An Agreement For Professional Services With Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers And Architects for Pre-NAPA Traffic Analysis and Concept Design Services Related To The Happy Canyon Interchange At I-25

Resolution 21-45, In Support Of The Submission Of A Grant Application To The Land Water Conservation Fund For Lennar Trail Construction

Resolution 21-46, Accepting Special Warranty Deeds For The Conveyance Of Open Space, Trails, Drainage, And Utility Tracts In Lagae Ranch And Castle Pines Town Center

Resolution 21-47, Approving An Amended And Restated Intergovernmental Agreement Between The City And North Pine Vistas Metropolitan District Nos. 1-3

Resolution 21-48, Adopting Volume I and Section 9.4 Of Volume II Of The Douglas County Local Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021 Update

Resolution 21-49,  Approving Change Order No. 1 To The Professional Services Agreement Between The City And Ulteig Engineers, Inc.

Resolution 21-50, Approving The Canyons Filing No. 2, 1st Amendment, Case No. FPL 2021-001

Resolution 21-51, Approving A Memorandum Of Understanding And Other Documents Related To The Colorado Opioid Settlement And Delegating Authority To The City Manager To Execute The Same

Resolution 21-52, Approving A City Operations Mill Levy Pledge Agreement Between The City Of Castle Pines, Colorado And The Canyons Metropolitan District No. 4

Resolution 21-53, Approving Charter Oaks, 9th Amendment, Case No. SPR 2021-001

Resolution 21-54, Approving Canyonside Subdivision Filing No. 2, Case No. FPL-2021-002

Resolution 21-55, Amending The City Of Castle Pines Fee Schedule

Resolution 21-56, Approving A Professional Service Agreement Between The City And Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Resolution 21-57, Adopting the 2022 Budget And Making Appropriations For The Same

Resolution 21-58, Levying General Property Taxes For The Year Of 2021, For The Sole Purpose Of Meeting Law Enforcement Expenses For The 2022 Budget Year