The City of Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan was first adopted in 2016. While the Plan continues to provide clear and realistic direction for future growth, some changes are needed to reflect recent Plan implementation efforts, development activity, and demographic shifts within the City.

As the community evolves and grows, so do the needs of its residents. With your help, this Plan Update can be a guide for city leaders, businesses, and residents, as the City more than doubles in population over the next two decades.

The Comprehensive Plan is a community-driven process that establishes the vision for the future of the community, identifies goals and objectives to help guide development decisions, and lists key activities that shape the built and natural environments.



With your engagement, the City has stayed the course of the 2016 Plan and has made significant strides in accomplishing many community priorities since the Plan’s adoption. In order for this momentum to continue, we need your input! Your participation will help us understand how community preferences, new technologies, emerging trends, and regional opportunities may affect the future of this community.

The Benefits:

•         For residents and visitors, the Plan identifies details like locations for future commercial amenities, housing, parks, trails, facilities, etc.

•         For business and property owners, the Plan includes land use recommendations and development policies.

•         For City leaders and decision-makers, the Plan provides direction on the topics of development, policies, programs, and services, as well as gives guidance on budget and timing for capital improvements and development reviews.


To build a community where residents can live, work and play requires public investment, commercial development, and cooperation among community organizations to maximize funding and services. 


Construction Worker Holding a Clipboard


Between now and April 2021, there will be several ways to input your ideas, vision, and suggestions to continue the momentum in Castle Pines’ evolution.

To participate and follow the conversation: