Classes & Resources for Older Adults and Family Members

February 3, 2022 at 1:42 pm

Over the last year, The South Metro Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Bureau performed a strategic analysis into studying and assessing the greatest risks in our communities.

The team found that in 2020, roughly 40% of South Metro’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls were for citizens over the age of 65. Additionally, falls and lift assists were approximately 20% of the total EMS calls in the fire district.

Whether you are an older adult or you have an older adult in your life who you are caring for, the need for education and resources is becoming more prevalent in our communities.

In order to prioritize prevention efforts for older adults in 2022, South Metro Fire Rescue and The South Metro Safety Foundation will be offering new risk reduction programs for older adults and family members. Initiatives include:

  • Monthly Safety Skills for Older Adults Class
  • Monthly Caring for Older Adults Class
  • Quarterly newsletter with classes, events, and resources for older adults
  • Volunteer opportunities to reduce isolation and provide resource packets

The South Metro Safety Foundation is proud to announce that Alissa Ray, Doctor of Physical Therapy, will co-instruct the monthly classes, to provide her expertise and knowledge during the sessions. Here is an example of the types of resources being offered to our community members:

To stay up to date on classes, local resources, or events for older adults and family members providing informal care, you can sign-up for the CRR quarterly newsletter. You can also visit the CRR older adult landing page.