Crews continue snow cleanup following the December 29, 2022 snowstorm

January 10, 2023 at 11:02 am

After a large snowstorm, the freeze/thaw cycle begins, which can make it difficult to completely clear roadways. Ice clearing is typically more challenging than actual snow removal. After the December 29, 2022 storm, the City doubled its equipment and personnel to clear frozen runoff and further mitigate safety hazards. Cleanup from this storm was particularly challenging due to a large amount of moisture (i.e. wet snow) from this particular snow event, as well as colder temperatures with below-average sunshine. Crews have been working from the south to the north following this storm. Efforts to clear impacts from snowstorms alternate priority after each storm (i.e. beginning in the north for one storm and then the south for the next storm).

Additionally, many trails and sidewalks around the city are currently maintained and cleared of snow and ice by the Castle Pines North Metro District. See the Metro District Trail Map for details on which trails and sidewalks are maintained by the Metro District.

Snow and Ice Procedures

The City of Castle Pines exceeds standard regional plowing efforts compared to other Front Range communities. Below is information on how the City prioritizes snowstorm cleanup procedures.

    • The first objective on Priority 3 streets (neighborhood roads and cul-de-sacs) is to make a clear path for emergency vehicles to access each property. For safety and efficiency, drivers cannot change protocol based on the street. The City’s policy is to plow from the center outward, providing a passable lane in each direction. This prevents favoring one side, regardless of what direction it faces.
    • Castle Pines roads are crowned at the center so they can effectively drain to gutters. This allows plowed travel lanes to dry more quickly, preventing snow melt from refreezing the road.
    • Plows may return up to two weeks after a storm for additional cleanup efforts.
    • Each storm is different, and you may see various techniques and equipment deployed, depending on the situation.

For more information on the City’s snow and ice procedures, visit the City’s Snow and Ice Removal webpage. Frequently asked questions can be viewed on the Snow Removal FAQ page.


Additionally, here are some tips for how you can help ensure your street is cleared as quickly as possible:

    • Move vehicles from the road when a storm is predicted so that plowing efficiency can be maximized. When cars are left on the street, plows are not able to plow these areas of the road due to property damage risk.
    • Do not shovel or place snow into the road as this can create larger piles and cause more hazards during the freeze/thaw cycle.

Surrounding Communities

Many residents also ask about neighboring communities. Castle Rock plows neighborhood streets with a minimum threshold of 4 or 8 inches of snowfall, depending on the time of year. Parker has a 6-inch snowfall minimum before plowing neighborhood streets. Douglas County considers cul-de-sacs Priority 4 and often does not plow these roads.