Disc golf course trailhead concept

Help Name the Future Castle Pines Disc Golf Course

June 20, 2022 at 8:00 am

As the City expands access to recreation and public amenities, we want to seek community feedback on naming future parks and recreation facilities. Including community feedback will help foster a sense of place and strengthen the Castle Pines community.

We are excited to add a new disc golf course to the amenities available throughout community. The course is expected to open on the east side of Castle Pines in 2023. To help make the course special and representative of our community, we'd like your help selecting a name.

The submission with the final name selection will be eligible to win a gift card to a local Castle Pines business. We encourage you to get creative. If you have kids, include them in the naming process!

To suggest names for the future disc golf course and learn more about the name selection process, please participate in the short survey below.

Submit a Naming Suggestion