Help Support Our Grant Applications!

July 15, 2022 at 3:10 pm

The City of Castle Pines has applied for TWO grants to fund engineering and preliminary design for a bike/pedestrian bridge over I-25 adjacent to Castle Pines Parkway, as well as for the expansion and upgrade of bike lanes on Monarch Boulevard. In conjunction with these applications, DRCOG is currently collecting public input!

For our first project, we have re-submitted our ask for funding for the preliminary design for a bike/pedestrian bridge over I-25! We previously submitted this grant to DRCOG for regional funding, however, we did not receive an award. Therefore we are asking for funding again. We appreciated the overwhelming support from the community on the previous public comment and hope to receive the same level of support on our second attempt. The bridge is part of the City Council’s adopted Trails Master Plan and is being pursued in the service of creating a safer option to cross I-25, by separating automotive traffic and pedestrian lanes and improving connectivity. From Castle Rock to Ridgegate Parkway, there are no other grade-separated bicycle/pedestrian connections across I-25 beside the narrow, attached sidewalks at the Castle Pines Parkway interchange bridge. This improvement will enhance the north and south regional trail connections east and west of I-25, providing a safe, dedicated bridge over I‐25. The bridge can help support and serve regional trails connecting Coyote Ridge Park along Monarch Boulevard in the northwest limits of Castle Pines to Gemstone Park along Crowfoot Valley Road in Castle Rock; and a regional bike connection north of Castle Pines Parkway along Havana Street, east of I‐25. See the concept drawing showing the location of the bridge below.


For our second project, the expansion and upgrade of the Monarch Boulevard bike lanes between Winter Berry and the northern city limits are currently planned in our road construction plan. We are seeking a grant to assist with the cost of this upgrade to enhance our multimodal accessibility for our residents. This upgrade will provide wider bike lanes (8' total, including a 6' bike lane plus a 2' buffer) in comparison to the current 4' bike lane. It will also include improved markings of these lanes.  This upgrade will allow for enhanced safety and connectivity to other areas such as Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree via bicycle access.

The City is applying for two grants for funding for this project from the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

DRCOG is currently collecting public input on all of the various projects that have applied for funding through this grant process. Please help support our City and this project by logging into the public comment portal and commenting on the value and need for this project within our community. 

To provide comments, please follow the instructions below before July 20th:

  1. Click on the link below, which will navigate you to a map on DRCOG's website.
  2. Using the left hand menu, find the corresponding project (both are located about halfway down, directly next to each other):
    1. "I-25 Bike-Ped Overpass- Preconstruction Activities"
    2. "Monarch Blvd. Bike Lanes"
  3. Select the blue box above the "comments" section
  4. Complete the form and submit your comments

Click Here To Submit Your Comments

You can also submit comments via email, phone, or mail: Please send your comments to Kellsie Forfar-Jones, public engagement planner, at, 303-480-5658, or to DRCOG Chair, 1001 17th St., Suite 700, Denver, CO 80202.

Should you have questions about the details of this project, please get in touch with City Manager Michael Penny at or Public Works Director Larry Nimmo at