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May 9 City Council Wrap-Up

May 10, 2023 at 11:13 am

Meeting highlights from the May 9 City Council meeting include:

  • Approving a supplemental appropriation to the North Pines Vista Metro District (NPVMD) Operations and Maintenance Fund for the 2022 budget. The funds were received from the NPVMD for the completion of improvements identified in a previous intergovernmental agreement with the City.
  • Approving supplemental appropriations to funds in the 2023 budget.
  • Approving the creation of an Urban Renewal Authority. The Urban Renewal Authority will prepare an urban renewal plan and financing plan for the district. The urban renewal area generally encompasses the City’s Business Zone District and is intended to allow more flexibility in what commercial property owners can do with their property; allow taxes to be spent on improvements within a targeted area; identify capital improvements needed to accommodate future investment; potentially provide property redevelopment/expansion financial assistance; and, balance growth across the community. Urban renewal will not prevent owners or tenants from continuing a business or land use; raise property tax mill levy or sales tax rate; force owners to improve their property; diminish the value of property; or prevent property owners from selling their property.

To view more information about all agenda items or to view the meeting recording, visit the City Council Meeting webpage.