Oct. 25 City Council Wrap-Up

October 26, 2022 at 1:12 pm

Meeting highlights from the Oct. 25 City Council meeting include:

    • Approving an ordinance to return Lot 2A of the Lagae Family Trust Minor Development to the original property owner. The property owner originally dedicated the lot to the City for use as a recreation facility. The agreement included construction milestones that the City is unable to meet given that there are no current plans identified to build a City-owned recreation facility.
    • Approving a resolution to provide funding for operational support for the Douglas County Community Foundation.
    • A presentation of the high-level results from the recently conducted 2022 Community Survey.
    • A presentation from the Douglas County Housing Partnership.

To view more information about all agenda items or to view the meeting recording, please visit the City Council Meeting webpage.