Upcoming Wildfire Safety Series

January 28, 2022 at 11:40 am

The City of Castle Pines is pleased to announce a Wildfire Safety Series and the first annual City Slash collection, hosted in partnership with South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR).

The upcoming Wildfire Safety Series will include one presentation each month, February - April, at the Castle Pines Library. Einar Jensen, Risk Reduction Specialist for South Metro Fire Rescue will be presenting the following.

  • February 15: Castle Pines Library 6-7 pm - Wildfire Safety Series:  Know Your Local Ecosystem.  This presentation will re-acquaint attendees with the dynamic ecosystem of Castle Pines.
  • March 23:  Castle Pines Library 6-7 pm- Wildfire Safety Series:  The Basics of Mitigation and Home Hardening.  This presentation will explain how to perform mitigation on trees, shrubs, and grasses and the science behind those strategies.
  • April 25:  Castle Pines Library 6-7 pm - Wildfire Safety Series:  More Mitigation Ideas.  This presentation will focus on plant species that are good and bad to have around homes and other structures.

All residents and businesses are invited to attend. Each presentation will include information on financial incentives, the City’s upcoming slash collection event, services from SMFR, and ample time for questions. The City Slash Collection event will be offered on May 14 at the Elk Ridge Park parking lot from 9 am to 3 pm. Please bring your slash to this collection site on the day of the event.

What is Slash?
Slash is debris, from nature, such as tree limbs, prunings and pine needles. If not removed, slash can add to potential fire hazards on your property.

The City and SMFR look forward to seeing you at these events.