Update on the 2021 Election Unofficial Results

November 5, 2021 at 10:39 am

Election update from Douglas County:

The county has counted all but a few hundred ballots. They have to save some for batches to protect voter anonymity. Therefore, the final unofficial results will be posted November 12th. They are working hard to make sure this process is fair and accurate! We will be sure to share the news once we have it!


As of 5 pm on November 5, here are the unofficial results:

Mayor’s Race – Too close to call

Tracy Engerman – 1,742

Tera Radloff – 1,716

David McEntire – 1,637

District 1 – Chris Eubanks

Chris Eubanks – 1,043

District 2 – Ben Price predicted to win

Ben Price – 876

Chuck Lowen - 690

District 3 – Roger Hudson predicted to win

Roger Hudson – 1,276

Merri L. Sheh – 520


Once the City has been notified that all the votes have been tallied, we will update the community.

View the Douglas County 2021 Coordinate Election Unofficial Results