Castle Pines Water Service Issues UPDATE

June 9, 2021 at 8:53 am

WATER UPDATE! We just received the following update from the Castle Pines North Metro District regarding water service.

Residents in lower elevations should now have water service, albeit with slightly lower-than-normal water pressure since the smallest of three water pumps is back up and running. Until CPNMD completes repairs on the other two pumps, residents at higher elevations in CPNMD may continue to experience extremely low water pressure.

As they continue repair work, they respectfully ask all residential and commercial customers to please discontinue all outdoor irrigation and otherwise conserve water until further notice. To lead by example, CPNMD has temporarily shut off irrigation to all CPNMD parks, trails, and open space areas.

Additionally, the Elk Ridge Park bathrooms will be closed until further notice to assist in conserving water.

The City of Castle Pines will continue to send out important updates on our various communications channels. Please follow us on social media or sign up for our e-news.

On the topic of "What happened?" CPNMD says "We are dealing with two separate problems. First, the chlorine injector stopped working in our water treatment plant resulting in an automatic system shut-down. We ordered replacement parts weeks ago, but those parts have not yet arrived due to supply chain issues. Our backup water supply comes from Chatfield Reservoir, through Centennial Water & Sanitation District’s water treatment plant, through CPNMD’s interconnect pipeline, and into CPNMD’s distribution system. That leads us to the second issue: For reasons we don’t yet fully understand, all three water pumps at CPNMD’s interconnect pipeline pump station shorted out.".