City launches online Development Activity Map 

September 5, 2023 at 11:21 am

Wondering what development is happening around Castle Pines? To help residents stay informed about new commercial and residential development projects occurring around Castle Pines, the City has launched an online Development Activity Map.

The map displays all private land use projects for which formal applications have been submitted to the City. This includes commercial, residential, parks, civic, and other project types. Sometimes a private landowner may submit an application for a project and later choose to not construct the project.

Questions about the Development Activity Map or land use in Castle Pines? Contact the City last or call 303-705-0200.



*In addition to the links above, the Development Activity Map can be accessed on the City's website homepage via the "Development Activity Map" icon or by selecting "Development Activity Map" under the "Departments" dropdown at the top of the page.