Licensing and Sales/Use Tax



Licensing and Sales/Use Tax

Effective January 1, 2020, the City of Castle Pines will self-collect the City Sales Tax and businesses will no longer file the City’s Sales Tax with the Colorado Department of Revenue. Therefore, sales made beginning with January 2020 will be due and payable directly to the City. Stay tuned for additional changes and information on the City’s website including online business license application and online tax return filing. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Sales/Use Tax FAQs         Sales Tax Address Lookup

Use the Address List to determine if an address is within Castle Pines city limits and subject to the City’s 2.75% sales tax rate. When in doubt, please contact the Tax and Licensing Division.

General Information

Every person engaged in business in the City of Castle Pines must comply with the City’s licensing and tax laws. Businesses must register with the city by obtaining either a Business License or Contractor License.

Contact Tax & Licensing Division

Licensing/ Sales Tax Online

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ACH Credit Instructions

Online Portal Quick Start Guide

Online Filing Instructions

The City's online portal allows businesses to:

  • Apply or renew a Business License;
  • File, pay and print a copy of your sales tax return;
  • Pay past due balances on your account.

Business License

  • New businesses must obtain a business license prior to engaging in business in the City;
  • The Business License fee is $25.00;
  • Business Licenses are biennial (issued for a term of up to two years), expiring December 31 of the year following the date of issuance;
  • Expiring Business Licenses must be renewed by January 1 of the year following the expiration date.

Business License Application

*A 2.95% credit card transaction fee will be applied

Contractor License

A contractor license is required for a permit to work within City limits. Contractor licenses are good for up to one year and expire one year after the date of issue.  Contractor Licenses that are expired are not subject to renewal and must be processed and approved as a new license.  Licensed contractors do not need a business license.

Contractor License

*A 2.95% credit card transaction fee will be applied

City Tax Rate

The City Sales and Use Tax rate is 2.75%.

The total sales tax rate within the City of Castle Pines is 6.75%, as follows:

State of Colorado: 2.90%
Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD): 0.10%
Douglas County: 1.00%
City of Castle Pines: 2.75%
Total: 6.75%

Sales Tax

A “transaction tax” that is imposed upon the sale, purchase, and lease of tangible personal property and/or taxable services by persons engaged in business in the City.

Beginning January 1, 2020, the City will begin collecting sales tax directly as part of the City's new Home Rule status voted on by residents in May 2019.

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Use Tax

Imposed on the use and consumption of all building and construction materials and supplies used on projects within Castle Pines.

Tax and Licensing Division