Stormwater Management: Contractor Resources

What's New

Castle Pines has new Standard Notes and Details, both full size and 11 x 17, checklists, as well as a Low Impact GESC Application and Checklist. In addition, the City has new guidance documents on post-construction stormwater management in both new developments and redevelopments.

Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control (GESC) Permit

GESC application, submittal materials and permits must cover all construction activities associated with the project from the initial earth work to final stabilization.  Overlot grading only permits will only cover overlot grading and site stabilization. A modification would be required for overlot grading permits to perform any construction outside of overlot grading activities (e.g.vertical or infrastructure construction). The GESC Checklist and Low Impact GESC Checklist are intended for all work from initial earth work through final stabilization and not all items may be applicable to every project.

To apply for a GESC permit, complete the following documents:

  1. GESC Application or Low Impact GESC Application (GESC if an acre or greater (≥1 acre) and Low Impact GESC if under an acre (<1) and not part of a common plan of development)
  2. GESC Checklist or Low Impact GESC Checklist
  3. Submittal materials required by the checklist (typically GESC plans and report – a stormwater management plan may be substituted for a GESC report)
  4. Cost Estimate Form
  5. A copy of the Colorado Discharge Permit System (CDPS) General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (if applicable)
  6. Post-Construction NDRD Checklist
  7. Drainage Report (GESC) or Letter (Low Impact GESC)
  8. Submittal materials regarding the permanent control measures
  9. Copy of CDPS General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (for project disturbing an acre or more)

Submit using the City's SmartGov permitting portal  *A 2.95% credit card transaction fee will be applied

If you have any questions, please reach out to Joseph Marencik at

All applicable permit fees will be paid through SmartGov. Letters of credit may be submitted to the City's offices, located at 360 Village Square Lane, Suite B, Castle Pines, CO 80108.

City staff and their consultants will review your application and submittal materials and provide comments as necessary. The GESC plans and report will not be approved until it meets the City’s Stormwater Program requirements and may require resubmittals. Resubmittals require a comment and response letter from the applicant or their consultants.

GESC Review Timeline

GESC Submittal* Castle Pines Review Timeline
Complete 1st submittal 3 weeks
2nd submittal 3 weeks
Subsequent submittals 3 weeks
Signature set 1 week
Modifications 1-3 weeks depending on extent of changes

*Projects located in the Cherry Creek Reservoir Basin may have longer review times depending on referrals to Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority (CCBWQA). 

Permit fees will be assessed during the GESC review and provided to the applicant.  Fees may be paid at the City's offices after the application and submittal are accepted. Letter of credit or other acceptable Fiscal Security must be submitted to the City at their offices.

After acceptation and receipt of fee payment, the applicant will receive an email to schedule the initial inspection of control measures.

After the initial inspection approval, the permit will be issued and emailed to the applicant.

Note: No clearing, grubbing, earthwork or construction may occur prior to the initial inspections other than work to install temporary control measures.

Floodplain Permitting

Construction projects located in or under FEMA -regulated floodplains require a floodplain permit. The permit should be uploaded to SmartGov with the other GESC submittal documents.


Joe Marencik

Stormwater Coordinator