Safe Streets for All Comprehensive Action Plan

Kids crossing sidewalk at Village Square Drive

What is the plan?

The City was awarded a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to complete a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan. This effort will last seven months and will cover all the City’s roads, sidewalks, crossings, and mobility infrastructure. The project team will look at safety data, public input, and future growth to identify strategies that will help to improve safety for all who travel around Castle Pines by car, on foot, by bike, or with an assistive device. Strategies may include programs, education, technology solutions, enforcement, and infrastructure improvements. The City will also use the Plan to seek additional grant funding for future projects to help create safer streets.

How can you get involved?

Castle Pines is growing and we want to ensure our mobility options grow with us and offer safe options for everyone. Whether you have been here for years, or just months, we encourage you to complete the survey, using the “survey” button below, to share your priorities for safe mobility within Castle Pines. The survey has now closed, thank you to everyone who has completed this survey and provided your input.

Castle Pines wants to improve mobility for the youth, disabled, caregivers, and elderly residents. Do you represent one of these groups? If so, please connect with us to share more information about your mobility needs and concerns. You may contact us using the “Contact Us” button below.




SS4A Project Schedule

Makenna Shaw

Assistant to the City Manager