Taxation in Castle Pines


The City often receives questions about property and sales taxes in Castle Pines.

The most important thing to know about taxes is that any new tax or tax increase can only be implemented with a public vote. Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) requires a vote of the people for any new tax or any increase of an existing tax.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Services

The City collects 4.5 mills in property tax. However, the entirety of those funds are passed directly to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for public safety and law enforcement services. The City cannot use these funds for other purposes.


Below is a breakdown of the property taxing entities in Castle Pines using a $700,000 home and $1,000,000 commercial property as examples. The following example is for a property owner that lives within the original boundary of the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District. Residential properties are currently assessed at a rate of 6.765%, while commercial properties are assessed at a rate of 27.9%.

Your local Metro District property tax rate may differ from what is presented. Check your property tax bill for your specifics.

The chart above is an example of a typical property tax breakdown.

Property is valued every two years for property tax purposes by the Douglas County Assessor's Office. To research specific information on your property taxes, visit the Douglas County Assessors website.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is a tax the consumer pays when purchasing certain items or services. Sales tax is collected from the consumer by businesses on behalf of the City. Sales tax is not an expense paid by the business. Castle Pines has a local sales tax rate of 3.75% which is one of the lowest sales tax rates in Douglas County. The total sales tax rate, or what you see reflected on your receipt, is 7.75% and includes the State of Colorado: 2.90%, the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD): 0.10%, and Douglas County: 1.00%.

The City does not levy a sales tax on food for home consumption (groceries).