Planning Commission


Planning Commission

The City of Castle Pines Planning Commission deliberates and makes recommendations to the City Council on land-use applications, proposed long-range policy planning documents, and zoning regulations. The Commission consists of seven citizens from various backgrounds who are appointed by the City Council. The Commission meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Douglas County Library, 360 Village Square Lane in Castle Pines.

The City of Castle Pines Board of Adjustment holds public hearings on variance requests and considers appeals to interpretations made by City staff. The Board of Adjustment is comprised of the same members as the Planning Commission and meets on the same meeting days, as needed.

Access future and previous Commission agendas and meeting minutes online.

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Commission Members (Term Date)

David Goode, Chair (1/2022)

Andrew Hendel, Chair Pro Tem (1/2021)

Lisa Glynn (1/2020)

Seth Katz (1/2022)

David Necker (1/2020)

Don Tosby (1/2021)

Michelle Wiley (1/2021)