Political Campaign Signs

Guidelines for campaign signs in Castle Pines


We value our residents’ right to use signs as a form of free speech when it comes to campaign season.

Castle Pines residents can post an unlimited number of political campaign signs without a sign permit as long as the signs comply with the following provisions (from Section 29 of the Zoning Ordinance Code) and are removed within two weeks after the final election.

Political campaign signs do not require a sign permit.

vote yes sign
  • Signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way which is typically considered to be 10 feet from behind the curb.
  • There is a minimum setback distance from your lot line for signs, dependent on the sign’s size.  Signs smaller than 6 square feet are exempt from this rule as long as they don’t impair traffic in any way.
  • The setback distance for signs 15 feet high or higher depends on the zoning district where the sign is located. Contact City staff for specific requirements.
  • There is a 75-foot minimum setback from the lot line for a sign adjacent to a federal, state or major county arterial highway. This distance may be reduced to the zoning district street setback when adequate right-of-way has been dedicated to the state/county for future road widening. Where this requirement conflicts with a setback otherwise required in a zoning district, the larger setback is required.
  • The maximum sign size is 32 square feet per face, with a maximum of two faces.
  • The maximum sign height is 15 feet.


Sam Bishop

Community Development Director