City Budget


City Revenue and Expenditures Overview

The City of Castle Pines’ Financial Dashboard Center breaks down how your tax dollars are funding city services. This benchmarking platform offers an infographic-based fiscal dashboard with detailed information about our city’s revenues, expenditures, demographics and more.

Visit our Financial Dashboard to learn more about our city budget.

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2021 Annual Budget

City Council formally approved the 2021 Budget at their December 8 meeting. The 2021 Budget contains the financial plan for operations and capital improvements.

The City Manager submitted the 2021 proposed budget to City Council on September 30 in compliance with the City Charter. City Council discussed the manager’s proposed budget during their study session on November 10 and again on December 8. The 2021 Budget was formally approved by Council on December 8.

For questions contact:
Mike Farina
Finance Director

2021 Adopted Budget

2021 Budget Process

The 2021 Budget was developed with the following goals in mind:

  • Financial resiliency and vitality
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Intentional development
  • Fostering community
  • High-performing operations
  • Economic strength

Review the 2021 Proposed Budget Presentation       Watch the Nov. 10 and Dec. 8 Council Discussions


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