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2023 Annual Budget

The City Manager submitted the proposed 2023 budget to City Council on Sept. 30 in compliance with the City Charter. City Council discussed the City Manager’s proposed budget during a study session on Oct. 4. The 2023 Budget was adopted by City Council on Nov. 8, 2022.

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Mike Farina
Finance Director

2023 Adopted Budget

2023 Budget Process

City staff crafted the proposed budget to ensure that the excellent service delivery our community has come to expect under this City Council’s policy direction is not only maintained but is enhanced in service of City Council’s goals and priorities for 2023 and beyond.

Budget-related discussions were held with the City Council to develop the City’s 2022 Strategic Plan and to confirm the staff’s understanding of the Strategic Plan and the City Council’s priorities contained within it. With City Council’s affirmation and the budget guidelines mentioned above, the staff assembled the 2023 budget proposal.

On Oct. 4, City Council discussed the proposed budget and provided direction to staff as the budget moves toward City Council approval. A Public Hearing and adoption of the proposed budget occurred on Nov. 8.

Watch a recording of the Oct.4 City Council Study Session on the 2023 Budget

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