2023 Ordinances

Ordinance 22-15, Approving The Canyons Planned Development Plan-4th Major Amendment, Case No. RPD-2022-001, and amending the official Zoning Map

Ordinance 22-16,Approving A Third Amendment to The Canyons Annexation and Development Agreement

Ordinance 23-01, Extending Vested Property Rights

Ordinance 23-02,

Ordinance 23-03, Vacating Two Platted Entry Streets, Percheron Trail and Bretonhorse Lane, in The Canyons Planned Development

Ordinance 23-04, Changing The Boundaries of the Three Districts of the City in Accordance with Section 2.3 of Article II of the City Charter

Ordinance 23-05 Conditionally Authorizing the Sale and Transfer of the City's Interest in Tract A, Lagae Family Trust Minor Development

Ordinance 23-06, Acquisition of real property