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Douglas County Business Personal Property Declarations due April 15, 2024

February 13, 2024 at 10:33 am

Are you a business owner in Douglas County who owns or leases business personal property in Colorado? If so, and the value of these assets is greater than $52,000, state law requires you to report the property to the County Assessor. The deadline is Monday, April 15, 2024.

Approximately 3,000 Douglas County businesses will receive a 2024 Business Personal Property Declaration Notice, instructing them how to view, download, and print an asset listing, as well as how to file the full declaration online at DouglasFilesOnline.org.

Several options are available for filing a declaration:

  • File online – once a property record has been established, businesses have the option to view and file their asset listings online. Filing online saves time, reduces paperwork, and improves efficiency. Businesses that file electronically will receive an email confirmation.
  • File by mail – the declaration must be postmarked by April 15 to be considered timely. An asset list, spreadsheet, or IRS Form #4562 -Federal Depreciation and Amortization Schedule may be attached to the form.
  • File by email – a scanned copy of the declaration may be emailed to bpp@douglas.co.us.

Do you have questions or require additional information, including the type of business personal property that is taxable? Please visit the Assessor’s website or call 303-660-7448.

The Douglas County Board of County Commissioners has approved its annual partial exemption of business personal property taxes for their portion of the total mill levy, again for the first $100,000 in Actual Value.

This exemption only applies to Douglas County Government’s General Tax, all other tax authorities remain at the $52,000 State exemption level. For the 2023 business taxes that are paid, each business owner will receive a refund check reflective of the exemption honored by Douglas County.

This check will be dispersed in addition to the Reserve Mill Levy Refund check in summer 2024.

Colorado Statute demands County Assessors to value all business personal property for taxation purposes. Business personal property includes machinery, equipment, and leasehold improvements specific to business purposes. All personal property is taxable in Colorado unless specifically exempt by the Colorado Constitution.