Grants FAQ's

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What Do Grants Fund?

Grants in the public sector fund a variety of projects and programs related to economic vitality, transportation, community development, infrastructure, and many others. Within these umbrella topics, there are multiple agencies that administer funding for similar efforts, but with their own requirements. NOFOs and grant applications will clearly state a point of contact for any clarification on minimum qualifications to be considered for award.

What Do Grants NOT Fund?

Agencies and grants have their own unique sets of guidelines and criteria for eligibility. Typically, grants do not fund general operating or maintenance costs, cash reserves, or projects that do not support the goals and objectives of the grantor agency. The competitive nature of grants means that just because a grant can fund something, does not mean that it will.

How Does the City Monitor and Track Grants?

City of Castle Pines staff stay up to date on grants from a variety of agencies through digital notification lists, member meetings, webinars and trainings, and direct conversations with agency representatives. Our staff members meet regularly to discuss the status of active grant-funded projects, plans for future applications, and overall strategy on which grants to pursue.

Which Grants Has the City Received To-Date?

The City received two monetary grants in 2019 – for $5,000 each – from Rose Community Foundation and LiveWell Colorado, and one technical assistance grant for a Technical Advisory Panel from Urban Land Institute in 2018.

Which Grants are Being Pursued by the City?

As of May 2021, the City is strategically pursuing grants identified in this report and spreadsheet. While the City does not have any active requests to these agencies, staff plans to submit a grant application for CDOT’s Revitalizing Main Streets program for the 2021 funding cycle.

What Does a Grant “Cost”?

Although grant funds do not require repayment to the agency, grants are not “free”. It is possible that the administrative costs to develop a grant proposal and implement the project may outweigh the amount received by the grantor. The most common “cost” of grant application and management is staff time – this is why organizations have dedicated employees or departments to serve as grant specialists.

How Can I Learn More About Grants with the City?

For more information on grants and the City’s grant strategy, contact us at 303-705-0200, or