panoramic photo of city of castle pines in the fall when the leaves are change

Mayor Engerman thanks the community for the successful passage of ballot measures 2E and 2F

November 13, 2023 at 12:51 pm

Castle Pines,

Fantastic job casting your ballots and making sure your voices were heard this November 7! I wish to express my gratitude to you for placing your trust in City Council and City Staff to be excellent stewards of your tax dollars by saying YES to ballot measures 2E and 2F. These measures will enhance the quality of life and safety for our residents, visitors, and businesses. Because you said yes, 2E will now provide much-needed funding for our roads, and 2F will consolidate services with added cost savings for all our parks, rec, trails, and open spaces.

A big thank you goes out to some very dedicated, passionate residents for their grassroots efforts to support 2E and 2F. The successful passage of these measures is due in no small part to their incredible efforts. It is fantastic to see what is possible with our engaged community working together.

Additionally, a warm welcome to our newest member of the council, Councilmember-elect Ron Cole, District 2, and congratulations on their re-elections to Councilmember Geoff Blue, District 3, and Councilmember Deborah Mulvey, District 1. My appreciation goes out to Councilmember Kevin Rants for his service to Castle Pines; he will be missed.

Finally, it is an honor to serve you, Castle Pines. Your passion and engagement serve as a driving force behind my unwavering commitment to serve as your mayor. It is a pleasure and privilege to serve you and work determinedly for the betterment of this special place we call home.

Castle Pines Mayor
Tracy Engerman