Pavement Maintenance Program

Each year, the City begins a refresh of neighborhood streets that helps extend the life of roadway infrastructure throughout Castle Pines. This effort, known as the Pavement Maintenance Program, is a strategic, proactive approach to extending the lifespan of roadways while minimizing the cost of maintaining road surfaces.

In 2023 work is expected to begin on Aug. 21 and will focus on residential streets in the northwest portion of the city. Improvements will include the replacement of curb and gutter, sidewalk repairs, repair of concrete pavement and asphalt, and more.

If your sidewalk is being replaced, you will be asked to turn off irrigation for a night in that area to prevent delays from excess water or mud. Wet conditions can create issues that delay projects or cause work to be redone and can result in additional project costs.

All resident access will be maintained throughout construction unless notified otherwise. View the interactive project map to see details on the streets included in this year's effort.

Project Schedule

    • Project Start: August 21, 2023
    • Project Completion: October 2023

Current and Upcoming Project Work

The interactive map below provides an overview of scheduled work locations for the 2023 Pavement Maintenance Program, the upcoming schedule, and details on roadway improvements. Click on the map below to view the latest project progress.


How does the City determine which locations are included each year?

The City uses software and consulting engineers to determine locations annually for repair with its given budget. Each year, different areas of the City alternate for proposed repair, but all locations that pose dangerous conditions are taken very seriously and will be addressed. Structural integrity is analyzed for longevity and cost-effectiveness, but safety concerns are prioritized.

Who do I contact with questions?

To receive the quickest response, please email The City will then be able to track your concern and assign your request for an inspection as needed.