Wildfire Safety and Risk Reduction

Keeping our residents safe is our No. 1 priority

The City of Castle Pines takes safety seriously, which is why we have partnered with South Metro Fire Rescue to provide our residents with wildfire safety resources to keep our community safe! According to South Metro Fire Rescue, residents can help with fire mitigation by:

  • Maintaining a clean yard free of dry vegetation.
  • Before making changes to your landscaping, be sure to follow the requirements of your civic or homeowners association.
  • Six-foot mow strips are a blanket recommendation for a broad audience. South Metro Fire Rescue can provide differentiated and individualized recommendations by way of home and property assessments.

As always, in the event of an emergency, please dial 911.

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Wildfire Mitigation Plans:

The City of Castle Pines has partnered with South Metro Fire Rescue to develop neighborhood fire mitigation plans for each neighborhood in Castle Pines. We are working together to create mitigation plans for each neighborhood, which will eventually cover our entire community.

See Your Neighborhood's Wildfire Migitation Plan


Wildfire Safety Series:

The City of Castle Pines has partnered with South Metro Fire Rescue to bring our residents presentations by Reduction Specialist, Einar Jensen. This series re-acquaints attendees with the dynamic ecosystem of Castle Pines, explains how to adjust our homes and other buildings to reduce the risk of wildfire, focuses on plant species that are good and bad to have around homes and other structures, and provides slash services to mitigate potential fire hazards on your property.

Learn More About Our Wildfire Safety Series


Wildfire Mitigation Resources:

The City has provided resources to encourage safe practices to minimize wildfire risks. These resources include a Wildfire Resistant Plant list created by South Metro Fire Rescue, information on Douglas County's Slash Mulch Program, and more.

View Our Wildifre Mitigation Resources