You're invited to participate in an important survey

January 16, 2024 at 11:44 am

The City of Castle Pines and the Communities of Excellence group invite you to participate in an important survey regarding your sense or feelings of community in your neighborhood and the city. Your responses will influence decisions about your community now and in the future.

The survey will begin today and will close on the evening of Tuesday, January 30. There are two ways for Castle Pines residents to participate in the survey:

      1. Complete the online survey.
      2. Some residents will receive a text message on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 16, inviting them to participate in the survey. This text will have the City of Castle Pines logo at the top.

Please make your voice heard by sharing your opinion and participating in this important survey. Your answers are completely anonymous and confidential, and the survey will take just 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact City Offices by calling 303-705-0200 or emailing



What is the Castle Pines Communities of Excellence Group?

    • The City of Castle Pines is participating in the Communities of Excellence 2026 program, which is an organization that assists community leaders in implementing the Communities of Excellence Framework. This framework is adopted from the Baldridge Excellence Framework which is a validated systems improvement framework that is believed to improve health status, educational attainment, economic vitality, and quality of life for community residents by focusing on improving overall community performance.
    • The Castle Pines Community of Excellence (CP COE) group is comprised of a variety of community stakeholders including local business owners, commercial property owner representatives, City staff, and members of the Chamber of Commerce, South Metro Fire, Douglas County Libraries, and the Douglas County School District.
    • The CP COE is developing its strategic plan which will help give direction to the efforts brought forth for the community.
    • The Mission of the CP COE is currently to “improve community identity, connections, and pride for a unified and engaged Castle Pines through effective communication, community resources, programs, and events.”
    • The current Vision is “a cohesive community with a unique identity that allows everyone to prosper and connect.”
    • The survey will help the CP COE determine projects for its strategic plan, as well as get a feel for the temperature of the community and the existing perspectives of residents. The survey results will drive the actionable steps of the group.