Monarch Boulevard Rehabilitation

Project Overview

As a part of the 2023 Road Solutions projects, rehabilitation efforts will begin on Monarch Boulevard between Winter Berry Drive and the northern City limits. The project improvements will include:

      • Concrete panel repair
      • Joint repair
      • Grinding and smoothing of roads
      • Restriping the existing roadway for bike lanes
      • Construction of the northern gateway monument
      • Installation of flashing pedestrian signals at the intersection of Monarch Boulevard and Serena Avenue/Tapadero Way

In addition to the primary rehabilitation work, crews will begin utility relocations between Castle Pines Parkway and Winter Berry Drive. Beginning relocation efforts in 2023 will help expedite the schedule and minimize traffic impacts related to the reconstruction of Monarch Boulevard between Castle Pines Parkway and Winter Berry Drive in 2024.


To help minimize traffic impacts, particularly traffic related to school pick-up and drop-off, construction activities will occur during the summer as much as possible. Stay tuned for more detailed information on construction activities, including the schedule.


The images below represent the updated road design for both the mainline and intersections. Click on each image to enlarge.

Rendering of the Monarch Boulevard mainline improvements     Rendering of the Monarch Boulevard intersection improvements


Road Solutions Construction Phasing Map

Overview map of the Castle Pines Road Solutions projects.

*Click map to enlarge

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Want to learn more about our long-term Road Solution?

City Council has created a Plan of Action for the Streets of Castle Pines. Visit our Road Solutions page and find out how the City plans to invest heavily in our infrastructure over the next several years.

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