2015 Resolutions



15-37 IGA with Douglas County for Public Safety and Animal Control Services

15-36 Support the Scientific and Culture Facilities District

15-35 Adopting the 2015 Douglas County Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

15-34 Canyons Annexation

15-33 Approving the Canyons Superblock

15-32 Approving the First Amendment to Service Plans Canyons

15-31 Certifying the Mill Levy

15-30 Adoption of Budget

15-29 Accepting Lagae Road ROW

15-28 Logan Simpson Contract

15-27 SAFEbuilt Colorado Contract

15-26 Valley Crest Contract

15-25 Approving PW Contract Extensions

15-24 Bohannan Huston, Inc. Contract

15-23 Compliance LLC Contract

15-22 WL Contractors Contract

15-21 GOCO Grant

15-20 Workplace Elements Contract

15-19 Perfect Pools Contract

15-18-B Appointment to Rueter Hess Rec Author

15-18-A Appointment to Planning Commission

15-18 Rueter Hess Rec Author

15-17 IGA for 2015 Coordinated Election

15-16 Core Values

15-15 IGA Amendment CDBG

15-14 Snow and Ice Removal Services

15-13 IGA Rueter-Hess

15-12 DougCo IGA Sales and Use Tax

15-11 DougCO Disaster Recovery

15-10 Pavement Replacement

15-09 Logan-Simpson Comp Plan

15-08 Haynie Audit Services Contract

15-07 Buxton Contract

15-06 Amending Fee Schedule

15-05 Town Center Plat

15-04 Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Bohannan Huston

15-03 Ratifying the Appointment of Kim Hoffman

15-02 Designating Authorized Signatories on the City's Bank Accounts

15-01 Designating Locations for the Posting of Public Notices