2020 Resolutions

Resolution 20-01, Council Appointees to Various Committees and Boards for 2020

Resolution 20-02, Approving IGA with Douglas County for Law Enforcement and Animal Control Services

Resolution 20-03, Reappointing the Municipal Court Judge and Approving Professional Services Agreement

Resolution 20-04, In Supporting the Dissolution of Castle Pines North Association, Inc.

Resolution 20-05, Extensions on Certain Public Works Operational and Service Agreements for the 2020 Calendar Year

Resolution 20-06 Council Procedures and Rules of Order, Protocols, and Guiding Principles

Resolution 20-07, Public-Private Partnership with LS Partners, LLC

Resolution 20-08, Ratifying Amendment to Construction of Drainage and Flood Control Improvements Agreement

Resolution 20-09, Electronic Meeting Policy

Resolution 20-10, Ratifying Contract for 2020 Pavement Project

Resolution 20-11,  Ratifying Wember Inc. PSA

Resolution 20-12, Lagae Family Trust Minor Development Final Plat

Resolution 20-13, Supplemental Appropriation for 2019

Resolution 20-14, Supplemental Appropriation for 2020

Resolution 20-15, IGA with Douglas County for CDBG

Resolution 20-16, Canyons Filing No. 1, 6th Amendment Final Plat, Case No. MRP20-001

Resolution 20-17, Approval Architect PSA for Proposed City Hall

Resolution 20-18,  In Support of DougCo Sheriff's Office

Resolution 20-19, Opting Out of Tri-County Health Mask Mandate

Resolution 20-20, IGA with DougCo for 2020 Election

Resolution 20-21, Canyons Workforce Housing Agreement

Resolution 20-22, Rescind and Replace Public-Private Partnership Agreement

Resolution 20-23, Release of Liability Master Association Dissolution

Resolution 20-24, Addendum #1 to HB&A Agreement

Resolution 20-25, IGA Douglas County Housing Authority

Resolution 20-26, IGA CARES Act Local Government Distributions

Resolution 20-27 Postponed Indefinitely

Resolution 20-28, Approval Final Trails Master Plan

Resolution  20-29 Withdrawn

Resolution 20-30, Submitting a Ballot Issue and Setting the Title

Resolution 20-31, IGA with Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority

Resolution 20-32, Approve and Ratify 4th Amendment to Flood Control Improvements at Newlin Gulch

Resolution 20-33, Approving Canyons Filing No. 1, 6th Amendment, Final Plat

Resolution 20-34, Approving Lagae Ranch Filing No. 1, 4th Amendment, Final Plat

Resolution 20-35, Civil Disobedience Policy

Resolution 20-36, Amended IGA with Douglas County for CDGB

Resolution 20-37, Supporting a "Yes" Vote on Ballot Issue 2A

Resolution 20-38 Postponed Indefinitely

Resolution 20-39, Castle Pines Town Center Filing 2, 1st Amendment

Resolution 20-40, Appointing Members to the Parks and Rec Advisory Board

Resolution 20-41, In Support of Colorado Gives Day

Resolution 20-42, Change Order #1 Bohannon Huston

Resolution 20-43, Change Order #2 Bohannon Huston

Resolution 20-44, Approval of 2021 Budget

Resolution 20-45, Mill Levy

Resolution 20-46,Change Order No. 1 to Jacobs Engineering Contract

Resolution 20-47, Approving Designscapes Colorado, Inc. PSA

Resolution 20-48, Appointing Youth Member to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board