2023 Resolutions

Resolution 23-01, Approving IGA with Douglas County for Law Enforcement and Animal Control Services

Resolution 23-02,  Approving IGA with CPNMD regarding transfer of stormwater system

Resolution 23-03, Approving PSA with Lumin8  for traffic and pedestrian signal and street light maintenance

Resolution 23-04, Approving PSA with Colorado Designscapes, Inc. for Public Works Rights-of-Way operations

Resolution 23-05, Approving PSA with Wilson & Company Engineers and Architects

Resolution 23-07, Approving First Amendment to lease agreement with PT Village Square LLC for municipal office space

Resolution 23-08, Approving an IGA with the State of Colorado for use and benefit of CDOT for review services for Happy Canyon Interchange

Resolution 23-09. Appointing Members to the Combined Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment

Resolution 23-10, Appointing Members to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Resolution 23-11, Terminating the MOU regarding DAWG Nation Recreational Facility

Resolution 23-12, Approving Change Order No. 1 to the PSA with Wilson & Company, Inc. Engineers and Architects

Resolution 23-13, Approving the designation of new Maintenance Director [Pursuant to the Declaration of Easements, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Lagae Family                                     Trust Minor Development]

Resolution 23-14, Approving the Canyonside Preliminary Plan No. 2, Case No. PP-2022-001

Resolution 23-15, Approving 1st Amendment to lease agreement with Douglas County Libraries

Resolution 23-16, Acting by and through Stormwater Utility Enterprise, adopting Stormwater Management Fees