2014 Resolutions


14-32 IGA DougCo for Public Safety and Animal Control Services

14-31 PSA with W.L. Contractors Inc for Traffic Signal Maint

14-30 PSA with SAFEbuilt for Building Inspection Services

14-29 Certifying the Mill Levy

14-28 Adopting the 2015 Budget and Appropriating Funds

14-27 PSA with Slate Communications

14-26 Contract Extensions for Elk Ridge Park Maintenance

14-25 PW Contract Extensions

14-24 Special Event Permit Fees

14-23 PSA Tischlerbise for Fiscal Analysis and Modeling

14-22 Amending the 2014 Budget

14-21 Appointing Alternate to Planning Commission

14-20 Cable Franchise Fees

14-19 Designating Signatories on City Bank Accounts

14-18 Appointment of Edward Wilt to Ward 3 City Council

14-17 Extension with Designscapes Colorado for Snow and Ice Removal

14-16 Appoint Geoff Blue to Council Member Ward 2

14-15 Amend Contract Schmidt Construction CO 2014 Pavement Rehab

14-14 Accepting Resignation of Marc D. Towne

14-13 LOA Merrick & CO Pavement Evaluation and Maint Program

14-12 Accepting Resignation of James Einolf

14-11 Amending Fee Schedule related to Elk Ridge Park

14-10 Park Reservation Procedures

14-09 Approving IREA Happy Canyon SB Plat, Case SB13-002

14-08 Consenting to Transfer of Certain Ground Water Rights

14-07 Inclusion of Real Prop and Amend to IGA North Pine Vistas 1-3

14-06 Appointments to the Planning Commission

14-05 IGA with DougCo for GIS & Mapping Services

14-04 Agreement with CIRSA

14-03 Designating Authorized Signatories

14-02 2014 Meeting Schedule

14-01 Designating Public Notice Posting Location